A universal platform for data exchange Vaulterix from the Russian developer MITRA SOFT, LLC combines a virtual data room and an IRM system. This approach allows to fully implement the concept of DRM-protection of documents on the devices of external and internal users throughout the entire life cycle of documents. Vaulterix software can be placed on the resources of the service provider (hosted), and in the corporate perimeter of the organization (on-premises).

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Vaulterix Virtual Data Room allows you to safely store and provide access to company data to employees and external users, limiting the ability to work with documents only in the browser. Label documents and protect the contents of files from unauthorized attempts to take screenshots, copy text and print a document.

Waulterix DRM Suite allows the document owner to modify and revoke access rights to documents, including those files that have been downloaded to external user devices.

Key approaches to protecting corporate data

Virtual data room and centralized DRM-protection of documents of an organization for data exchange with external counterparties.
Marking documents and stamping confidentiality to meet the requirements of Art. 6 p. Federal Law N 98-FZ on the protection of trade secrets.
Secure data exchange between company employees, the ability to create shared folders for collaboration with documents.
Optional application of encryption tools certified in Russia to fully comply with the requirements of GOST.
How a Vaulterix Virtual Data Room Works with Integrated DRM Protection

Vaulterix versus Seclore functionality comparison

Universal platform for data exchange Vaulterix allows you to effectively solve the problems of information security and IT in the field of storage and protection of corporate information. The uniqueness of the MitraSoft solution is the integration of a virtual data room and centralized DRM protection of documents. This approach can significantly reduce the cost of owning individual software products of foreign manufacturers.

Information Security Benefits

Information Security Benefits
✓ Reduction of incidents related to leakage and compromise of company data
✓ Reduction in incident investigation costs — each employee’s work history is stored with each individual document
✓ Control of access to company data, no matter where they are (DRM). Ability to revoke previously granted rights;
✓ Maximum protection during data exchange between a workstation and a server without using a VPN;
✓ Detailed reports on the use of corporate data on a schedule.

Benefits for the information technology department of the use of corporate data on a schedule.

✓ Unified web-interface for managing all features: Data backup, data protection on mobile devices, document collaboration
✓ Reduction of external and internal network traffic — email attachments are automatically converted into secure links
✓ Virtual data room, as a rule, does not require significant resources for implementation;
✓ Simplicity and convenience of everyday use — There is no need for training employees.

Comparative table for 2019

Standard file sharing systemVaulterix Virtual Data Room
Ability to download and store files of various formats++
Ability to store data within the organization++
Centralized search of documents in the public domain, incl. those that have been downloaded to external user devices
Putting unremovable watermarks in the body of the document when viewing online
Management of access rights to documents after downloading to external devices by devices
Fast integration with DLP and antivirus software-+
Active Directory integration++
Syslog / SIEM report support++
The ability to implement two-factor authentication, incl. without using SMS
Technical support in Russian-+


Get a free test account, or download a ready-made virtual machine image with a fully functional version of Vaulterix to test the virtual data room and centralized DRM protection in the infrastructure of your organization. To receive a free trial version, please fill out the registration form.

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MitraSoft solutions use 30 state and commercial organizations in Russia and the CIS
More than 100,000 virtual data rooms were created using MitraSoft solutions.
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